Insight Direct UK

Bringing more consistency and accuracy to Insight’s talent acquisition processes

Client Success story: Talent and Change management

Insight is one of Europe’s best-known providers of IT products and services to enterprise businesses and the public sector. With over 1400 employees in EMEA alone, the company is going from strength to strength, thanks mainly to its change in business strategy.

“Our focus has changed. We’ve shifted our emphasis from supply chain excellence – getting high volumes of products out to a huge number of clients – to a service-led approach. We’re looking to bring in solutions talent, and that’s meant we’ve also had to change our hiring approach too – the people we’re looking for have a very different skillset to those we hired previously.”

Michelle Tomlinson is Insight Direct UK’s Learning and Development Coordinator, and has taken the lead on an EMEA wide initiative to bring more consistency and accuracy to Insight’s talent acquisition processes.

“We’re hiring a higher volume of people with a diverse set of solutions based skills and as such we’re paying them more. So we need to make sure we know what good looks like, both internally and externally.”

“We’ve got a clear benchmark of what it takes in terms of a behavioral profile to succeed in corporate and public sector sales. There’s a clear correlation behind the attributes of the top performers and these are the people we need to bring in from outside the business to support our growth strategy.”

Using Predictive Index®’s behavioral assessment tool, Insight worked to define the attributes needed for success in the sales space and created a job profile against which potential candidates’ natural behaviors were tested.

“PI is an extremely accurate predictor of workplace performance but we needed something which could complement the system, and save us time both preparing and during the interview. We also knew we needed something which could guarantee us consistency in our hiring approach. ”

Since 2006 the company has made a concerted effort to be stronger in doing the same things across the whole organization. From a recruitment perspective tha equates to validating talent across a uniform set of behavioral competencies, whether it’s a key hire in the UK, France, Germany or any of its other European bases.

Using CATIL’s bespoke competency framework, Insight have identified the competencies needed for superior performance in the majority of roles in the company.

“We’d used some competency based questioning in the past but our interviews were based on competencies we selected ourselves. With PI and CATIL we have a system which provides us with a candidate’s behavioral profile, along with a tool that in a few clicks gives us a set of questions to probe whether the candidate can walk the walk.”

“The fit-gap analysis and interview questions that we use to drill down on a candidate’s experiences have really helped us streamline our processes. Where we used to spend on average 40 minutes per candidate preparing, our hiring managers now recognize the uniform competencies we need to test for these corporate sales roles and can download a set of interview questions in less than 5.”

Output of the system includes a set of targeted interview questions and a scoring matrix that a hiring manager can use to test the candidate’s ability to back up their answers with evidence.