CATIL® Interview e-Guide with PI® PRO fit-gap

Accelerate the speed of recruitment decisions and cut any hiring uncertainty with CATIL’s pragmatic behavioral interviewing framework. You’ll quickly recognize the added value behind consistent, targeted competency based questioning, safe in the knowledge that your most important people choices are backed by scientifically validated systems.

Give your hiring managers the skills and confidence to make those game changing recruitment decisions.

CATIL’s integrated assessment systems makes candidate validation easier because all information is accessible from one place, saving organizational time and money.

We’ve complemented our systems with one of the most trusted and accurate behavioral profiling tools on the market - Predictive Index®.

Assess candidates against benchmarked behavioral job profiles

Users of the Predictive Index® (PI®), a powerful personality and behavioral job profiling system and key component of the AK+Partners Talent Assessment Framework, can access a value-adding module of the CATIL® Solutions toolbox that further streamlines assessment and interview preparation processes.


With the  Predictive Index enhanced CATIL e-Guide in your HR toolbox, you’ll be able to:

  • Align behavioral profiling and competency based questioning to add consistency and accuracy to all assessment processes
  • Cut time preparing for interviews with automatic competency selection
  • Give interviewing managers additional insights into the motivating drives of all candidates
  • Protect your company against risk by using EEOC guidelines compliant assessments
  • Pinpoint areas of development for future employees

Companies already using the Predictive Index system can take a pre-defined behavioral job profile (PI Job Assessment) and use the CATIL e-Guide to automatically generate the behavioral competencies required for success in that position.

Using a list of competencies linked to PI’s behavioral job profiles instead of manually selecting competencies from CATIL’s Function Catalog saves users further time and adds another level of scientific validity to the assessment process.

Of all of the 26 competencies included within CATIL’s Function Catalog, the 8 Core Functional Competencies and 8 Personality Assets are mapped to the Predictive Index system’s 4 primary personality constructs; Dominance, Patience, Extroversion and Formality. This method of using the PI Job Assessment replaces the Function Catalog recommended selection for non-PI clients.

Thorough behavioral interviewing to determine candidate potential

Interviewing managers are provided with a report that highlight the major mismatches – known as fit-gap competencies – between an applicant’s natural motivational drives (measured by the PI Behavioral Assessment) and the job’s behavioral requirements (PI Job Assessment).

As part of the report, the CATIL Interview e-Guide provides the interviewer with a selection of targeted competency based interview questions aimed at further probing a candidate’s potential related to these mismatches. The interview transcript is complemented by a user-friendly interview guide of targeted questions, each with positive and negative indicators, accompanied by an assessment matrix that ensures consistent analysis of candidates’ responses.

The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of Predictive Index, LCC and is used here with permission. 

Download the CATIL e-Guide with PI PRO Fact Sheet


“We have been using CATIL for 2 and a half years and find it extremely useful. In no time CATIL shows us the possible gaps between what is required for this position and our potential candidate’s competencies and motivational needs by using the Job Assessment and the PI Behavioral Assessment. To get the interview forms with the core competencies, guided examples and pertinent questions is of huge help, it makes the PI Behavioral Assessment more powerful! We can quickly help managers who are hiring to find the relevant questions aiming evidence of the competencies they are looking for in the candidate. We use it for all recruitments and would promote it to all Predictive Index users.”
Vigdis Pruvot-Fagerhaug, Corporate HR Generalist, Vestergaard Frandsen S.A.