CATIL® Talent Review

Add objectivity, speed and rigour in understanding the depth of your talent pool and leadership pipeline. Build a readiness matrix (potential/performance) based on substantial insights and visualize the organization potential quickly with clear data. Focus on added value discussions and alignment about people to achieve your overall strategic objectives.

Integrating Talent Review in your organization review, succession planning and strategic development

The CATIL Talent Review allows stakeholders to obtain complete data quickly and objectively to make informed decisions.

With the strategy in mind, using Talent Review, leaders will be able to align and set the benchmark for organization’s capabilities whether current or future. Multiple measures of performance and potential will guarantee an objectivity and holistic assessment, as well as a clear representation of your employees’ readiness for future challenges. The Talent Review provides structured individual reports, allowing effective dialogues and development plans. Furthermore, you will get big data on your organization which will serve as a base for strategic, fast and focused organization initiatives. Use it to:

        • Identify capabilities gaps to reach your strategic objectives
        • Get more insights and objectivity in your talent development
        • Spot targeted individual development areas and build strategic development plan
        • Set the benchmark for key critical strategic positions or initiatives (cycle back to recruitment)
        • Identify readiness for promotion and in the current role (performance/potential)
        • Use it across the entire organization to identify your talent pipeline for today and tomorrow (succession planning)
        • Support annual development/performance review: more holistic and objective
        • Support organization re-design, transformation and restructuring
        • Enhance mobility (cross-department move)
        • Valorize and use every people’s talent
        • Accelerate development centres and reduce cost

An Efficient Process

First stakeholders build a benchmark for the future. Aligning on best-in-class criteria, allows leaders to assess their employees through multiple measures, and gain an objective and complete view of their capabilities and potential. With individual and group results highlighting strengths and development areas, leaders will easily identify the gaps and levers to take impactful actions.

While a 360 Feedback focuses on a few selected competencies assessed by many. The Talent Review focuses many criteria (Talent Framework) assessed by few. Make it a complete development toolbox.


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