CATIL® Interview e-Guide with Function Catalog

Save time preparing and conducting interviews, without compromising on the quality of your hiring results. With CATIL’s support, you’ll notice an upturn in the standards of the talent you’re able to attract, fast, and give your hiring managers all they need to make their strategic mark on the company.

Prepare structured interviews quickly. Ask the questions that will give you all the information you need to make the right hire!

Access a bespoke web-based system that takes the pain - and high cost - out of interview preparation and candidate assessment.

Developed by expert HR and Organizational Development professionals, endorsed by the world’s top performing companies.

Integrating competency management and online interview preparation

In the war for talent, leading companies know that building and sustaining a reputation that attracts and binds the most suitable talent relies on their ability to assess performance consistently and accurately over time. Yet many HR professionals and line managers are inadequately prepared to objectively assess the multiple aspects of a candidate’s behaviors, skills, motives and values at interview.

The CATIL® Interview e-Guide provides hiring managers with a simple and cost-effective interviewing methodology which:

  • Quickly identifies the behavioral competencies required for superior job performance in any given role
  • Automatically generates a selection of targeted behavioral event interview questions to evaluate a candidate’s capacity to meet that job’s demands
  • Reminds interviewers to ask deeper, probing questions following CATIL’s questioning template (Context / Action / Thinking / Impact / Learning) to extract further information
  • Provides interviewers with an assessment matrix to record and calibrate a candidate’s suitability against their competition

With the CATIL Interview e-Guide in their toolbox, managers can quickly prepare and conduct effective interviews that validate their most crucial people decisions with objectivity and insight.

Focus on what really counts

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The CATIL Interview e-Guide takes a hiring manager through the interview process, giving them the information they need to conduct a fast, reliable and standardized Competency Based Interview (CBI). Managers gain access to CATIL’s bespoke online competency inventory known as a Function Catalog, from where they validate the key competencies the system recommends are necessary for superior performance in a given role.

Alternatively, existing users of the Predictive Index® (PI®) – a key element of AK+Partners Talent Assessment Framework – choose a pre-selected job profile (established with the PI Job Assessment) which maps out the required behavioral traits needed for success in that role.

Pre-empt your future talent challenges across the organisation

Unlike many rigid models on the market based solely on leadership competency profiles, which only serve to assess performance at senior level, the competency model used by CATIL offers a flexible approach assessing 3 dimensions of successful job behaviors:

  • Core – function/role related competencies e.g. amongst others risk management and creative thinking
  • Level – competencies required for entry or management level seniority – for example whether a candidate has organizational skills or at the other end of the spectrum, strategic agility.
  • Personality Assets – critical personality asset competencies e.g. motivational drives such as cooperation and influence

Assessing potential on these 3 levels gives users a much more reliable indicator of predicting workplace performance at all levels across an organization, with the focus all managers need to gain efficiency.

Structured, professionalized candidate assessment

Selecting the Core, Level and Personality Assets competencies required for job success with the online Function Catalog usually takes less than 10 minutes. Users are then presented with an automatically generated interview transcript composed of targeted behavioral questions and additional templates to track and record interviews. The system also gives recruiters a scale of positive and negative indicators of behavior so they can probe and score a candidate’s responses fairly and consistently. 

CATIL’s e-Guide provides users with a streamlined yet highly consistent solution to competency-based assessment, helping interviewing managers to:

  • Test core competencies early in the recruitment phase to screen large candidate pools objectively
  • Save time and resources preparing for interviews and generate meaningful dialogue faster
  • Ensure the objectivity of all selection processes by benchmarking applicants against pre-defined job profiles
  • Improve their interviewing techniques and ask probing questions
  • Impress candidates with the professional nature of their interviews, building the credibility of your employer brand
  • Understand the potential of their new hires and identify development plans earlier

CATIL e-Guide Key Features

  • Available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Japanese)
  • International support network of CATIL licensed Trainers & Consultants
  • Adherence to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines
  • Online Interview e-Guide system has no database and no personal data is stored meaning compliance with electronic data protection laws

Download the CATIL e-Guide with FC Fact Sheet

“With these short online assessments we were able to identify the core leadership behavioral competencies needed for the job and then profile candidates for any fits/gaps. These form the basis of any hiring or development decisions and enhance the quality of the dialogue; our employees feel like we understand them better and put greater value on their development.”
Vice President Human Resources, Luxury FMCG