Talent Framework

In striving to create holistic, fair assessment processes for their clients and their candidates, CATIL®’s founders see their bespoke competency based solutions as just one component of a powerful integrated talent assessment system. 

The Six dimension Talent Framework that CATIL sits within gives users a comprehensive roadmap that helps steer their most important people decisions with objectivity and scientific insight.

Measuring workplace performance across a selection of all six elements – personality assets and motivation, cognitive ability, behavioral competencies, technical skills and aptitude, knowledge and culture fit – not only provides much needed clarity around crucial people decisions, but also strengthens the employer-candidate relationship.

Benchmarking the multiple aspects of human potential in this way prompts open dialogue with colleagues and candidates about the rationale behind workplace decisions, in turn building trust and boosting employee engagement and development.

The Six dimensions

Motivational drives – measured by Predictive Index®. Provides managers with accurate, actionable data quantifying the unique motivating needs and behavioral drives of each employee and prospective employee. 

The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of Predictive Index, LCC and is used here with permission. www.predictiveindex.com 

Behaviors – measured by CATIL®. Assessment of a candidate’s ability to sustain successful performance in a given job, based on past experiences and behaviors. Core functional competencies, Level competencies and Personality assets constitute the essence of a targeted competency-based assessment.  Read more >>

Learning Ability – measured by the PI Learning IndicatorA 12 minute long online cognitive assessment indicating learning pace and the ability to learn, reason, plan, solve problems, absorb and process complex information. The Learning Indicator indicates how fast we can expect a person to acquire new and complex knowledge and understand the implications of changes in a job context and environment.

Skills – measured by CATIL® targeted interview questions and Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT)A skill is the know-how to perform a particular task. It means the proficiency, ability or dexterity acquired or developed through training or experience. Having the skills – for which there are three categories (technical, managerial and human relations) does not imply the theoretical and academic knowledge, nor the proof of displaying the right behavior for the situation/task. However using CATIL and other bespoke tools like Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) and Influencing Skills Assessment Tool ™ (ISAT), skills can be tested and benchmarks set to improve performance over time.

Knowledge – measured by CATIL® targeted interview questionsKnowledge constitutes the facts and information acquired by a person through experience or education that enables the understanding of a situation/task. It is the theoretical or practical understanding of a particular subject matter, not a proof of learning ability nor know-how (skills).

Company Culture fit – measured by CATIL® targeted interview questions. Company culture is a set of characteristics which describe a business. This entails what is valued, believed and important, how things are approached and what is expected, how decisions are made or how things are celebrated and rewarded.