CATIL® 360 Feedback Survey

The CATIL® 360 Feedback is an online survey designed to collect perception and insights on professional, management and leadership behaviours from multiple sources (multi-rater survey). The CATIL® 360 Feedback is not a performance evaluation but an assessment based on the perception of others.

The CATIL® 360 Feedback allows for the following types of surveys:

1. Individual: surveying how a group of selected people assesses the behaviours demonstrated by the assessed individual at work. The report is about the results of the assessed individual.

2. Position: surveying how a group of selected people assesses the importance of behaviours required for superior performance in a given position. The report results permit ranking the most important competencies about the assessed position.

3. Individual + Position: the complete competency-based assessment of the position and the position holder. The report integrates and compares the results regarding the assessed individual and the results regarding his or her position.

4. Team: consolidating the individual surveys of a group on the behaviours they demonstrate at work. The report is about the team and how each team member compares to the average and to other team members individually.

5. Team + Position: the complete competency-based assessment of the team and the job. The report integrates the assessed team's results and their assessed positions' results.

Identification of raters: for the Individual and the Team reports, raters are not identified except the self-assessment and the direct line manager of the assessed person. In the case of a team report for an entire organisation, raters are not identified. For the position results, rater identity is disclosed for highest and lowest ratings, as it is a basis for further discussion for profiling a position or leadership coaching.

To support the process and lead development actions, a Development Plan Guide, a step-by-step guide to interpret results and prepare a development plan, can be obtained from your CATIL® consultant.

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