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The CATIL® Interview e-Guide is a web-based application created in support of the CATIL® Interview Process to assist you in the preparation of Competency Based Interviews (CBI), which is one step in the complete candidate selection process.

CATIL® will enable you to select your assessment criteria based on the core and level competencies required for the position. It will display a full range of personality assets to choose from, allowing you to assess possible motivation gaps at the interview. Additional assessment criteria such as culture fit, skills, knowledge, learning ability and other requirements will help you prepare a complete behavioral targeted event CBI interview.

CATIL® will help you draft your interview questions based on a pre-selection of appropriate questions addressing each assessment criterion, in order to obtain customized printable interview forms and a multi-candidate assessment summary matrix.

If you are a PI® analyst, by entering the PI Job Assessment™ (PI JA) pattern number of the position and the PI Behavioral Assessment™ (PI BA) pattern number of the each candidate, the system will provide a PI JA versus PI BA fit-gap analysis that highlights the motivation gaps which you may validate or complete with further personality assets.
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